WoW’s expansion will ship in time

Contrarily to what I expected, The Burning Crusade has Gone Gold and will be ready for the January 16 launch:

The expansion has already gone gold. We see no reason why the game isn’t going to be on the shelves at the planned date.

January 16th, in case you forgot.

With the release not being delayed I wonder if the expansion is actually complete.

I do expect the servers to have problems and bugs to come up, but there isn’t much you can do about that. Those are issues that I consider tolerable because you can never be ready about everything. In those case you can only have patience and I’ll always excuse Blizzard (or any other company) for that.

But I wonder if the content is complete. Outside of those things that they said won’t be there at launch, all the rest is already accessible and working properly in beta?

I’m a bit skeptical. Maybe I’m wrong.

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