TMI Interlude

From a comment (referred to that bad idea):

I wonder if there is a connection between your obsession with two-handed swords, your inability to come up with a simple match making tool and the fact that you’ve never kissed a woman. ;)

Ah, well. I knew it was a bad idea revealing that. Uhm, no, there aren’t any sexual parallels ;p Big swords and shiny armors have always been a myth for me since my youth. I liked very “high fantasy” settings more than realistic fantasy. The reason why I never kissed a girl is because there’s a moment when things are supposed to “happen”. Then the more time passes the more things become unlikely.

At some point I felt resigned to be destined to be “unhappy” about certain things. Like with girls or the desire to find my way into the gaming industry. My baby steps are inadequate and bring nowhere.

Today I COULDN’T CARE LESS about girls. They lost priority. I’m at a point where I HAVE TO find a path for myself, and while I can surely do without “love”, I cannot do without “work” or at least that’s what worries me today.

I knew I should have replaced that point with this one: “I actually don’t like Start Trek or Lost as every other legitimate geek. Instead my favourite TV series are Dawson’s Creek and Gilmore Girls (and another it’s better I don’t say)”.

Is that any better? :)

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