Enjoy the year, enjoy the ride

Enjoy a year without me ;)

As I said this was an extra-month and my reasons to leave are unchanged.

I decided not to post my predictions for 2007 that I wrote for that interview with Zonk. I think it’s better to spare those critics and exit in a more positive way instead of the usual, pointless angst. Enjoy WoW’s upcoming expansion that is just a couple of weeks away. I know very little about it but I think it will be good in the end. Surely it will be the biggest event of the year and it will fuel a lot of discussions for a lot of time. So, even if things could be surely better than what we have, enjoy the ride.

I’ll be off the blog till some things change or till I find the answers I’m looking for.

Just a reminder: never pretend to know what I would say :)

And in the case you need me there’s always the mail: abalieno at cesspit.net (Messenger too)

May this year bring some well-founded optimism and exciting perspectives to everyone, and to this genre we love in particular, players and devs. Some sincere enthusiasm.

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