A few days ago I wrote somewhere on this site the bad translation of a quote from Michel Maffesoli:
Who writes a book is who reads it.

I started to think more about this line, in particular because I linked it to the “experience of the world”. Going back to theories about life. You know, some think that all you do in your life is already written, others say that you are the owner of your destiny. You write it by yourself. And then there’s a third part that says that it’s a blend of the two previous positions or a fourth part that says that all is simply casual.

But casual isn’t correct. The world (concretely) works as a complex web of relationships. The theories about Chaos explain that everything is linked together in an absurd relationship and whatever happens, even minimal, has a strong and unpredictable influence on all the rest. This is what we call “random”, casual. Casual because we are unable to keep track of everything and the world reach a degree of complexity so high that it’s unattainable for us. We give up to understand all that and we go back to babble about “faith” and “chance”.

But I discovered a new way to consider “life”. Life as a book. Going back to the quote of Michel Maffesoli. Try to re-read it and think your own life as a book and that book about your life is the one you are reading.

I won’t wrote what I started to think from that point but it’s quite fascinating. I think it’s better to share that by pointing the path. If you want you can follow this path.

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