Terranova’s fools

I’m perplexed each time I read news and comments at Terra Nova:

Magicback, now tell me how damn a more complex guild system could bring DAoC to the next level. Next level of what?

What you say is more coherent when you point the gameplay as a more concrete value than guild functions, but the point is exactly here.

In a game like DAoC the guild is basically a way to communicate, in many other games guilds are just that. If you don’t add a guild-related gameplay an hyper complex guild system is simply worthless.

If you imagine a complex game where the guilds can own part of the terrain, rule villages, manage resources and build alliances, THEN you’ll see how much a more complex guild system is needed. HERE a hierarchical guild system can be useful. But because you involve the guild mechanics inside the fabric of the game. A guild becomes a solid entity in the world, both for who is part of the guild and for who is outside and will have to consider who owns the land where he is passing.

A “guild system” isn’t an absolute element. We can discuss it properly only if it’s placed in a context. I have the preception that everyone here loves to fly around abstract concepts that have no grip on the reality.

The original comment is here.

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