The means and the ends

Yes, but why that happens? What I wrote is because what you enjoy is the “new” part and the new part is about something different that you learn, a new way of play, a new strategy and so on.

The “new” or “content” in their most wider concepts mean that. They mean the possibility to “learn”. They become old (and boring) when the gameplay pushes you to repeat instead of moving forward to learn new parts.

Learning is the key of the whole process:

+ We have fun when we are able to learn.
+ We are frustrated when the learning process is hard or forbidden.
+ We are bored when the learning process is missing.

No, I think newness and change are just an interpolation of the learning process.

Learning includes those two, those two don’t include learning. Obviously here I could consider the meaning of the word in a different connotation from its standard use.

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