A power-gamer hand-job

From WoW’s official forums, a well written rant:

The more I play on the test server the less I feel like continuing to be a WoW subscriber. The battle grounds are a half-assed CS\UT\Q3 meets EQ attempt missing what Mythic did so well with DAOC. The objectives are silly and have no real involvment with the world or the story. To use an analogy WoW is to RVR and PVP what the Game Boy is to Game Counsoles, fun but in a superfical way.

There is no real sense of epic battle or purpose, it’s like playing counter-strike. Yeah there are objectives but no content to it. The rewards are useless, the honor system is nothing more then a power-gamer hand-job leaving most casual players in the dust (nothing like having a full molten core geared rogue 2-shot your 60 warrior for 5k in damage before the sap even breaks.) and has no sense of Horde vs. Alliance.

DAOC had a wonderful BG system that gave people a track that lead them to the Frontier zones where there was an on-going battle that actually had a purpose. It’s as if WoW can’t make up it’s mind on how it wants it’s PvP system to world. One one side it’s a half-asses PvP system modeled after EQ’s PvP system and the other hand it’s a really piss-poor RvR system based off of DAOC.

People are motived by Goals and Rewards. So are guilds, tribes, and nations. PvP\RvR in WoW has no real rewards except for sub-standard gear with the exception of the top 5% of the customers. By Blizzards own admission the way the PvP rewards work until you hit the top 10% or so you’re not going to get much in the way of rewards.

Yeah they’re going to add more content. Yeah in 6 months it will be better, but we need new customers coming in now and most quit now before hitting level 30 because they can’t exp in contested zones. 60’s are leaving in droves it seems from bordom. In the guild I am in we have 40+ 60s, half don’t bother to log in anymore as once you hit 60 there’s nothing to do except what? Farm MC\Dragon and kill the same people over and over with no outcome to the RvR except what? CPs? BFD. Most 60 have better equipment then the high end RvR guild and who wants to farm CPs? People had to farm to get to 60 now they have to farm to get CPs? Try some goals, there needs to be s sense of adventure to keep players interested. The path Blizzard seems to be taking is supposed to appeal to a broader base of players and casual players but there’s nothing to show for it. CPs? BFD. Where is WAR between the Hoarde and Alliance? Where do I go to see 60 horde seiging a castle and leaving it in rubble? Where is the razing of Tarren Mill rather then a non-stop teeter-totter match where no one wins?

Perhaps that’s the issue both in the game and in life; we’re so busy trying to make everyone winners that we lose the excitement and drama of winning and losing. Not to sound like a film major but where is the drama in WoW with this giant battle? I really hope RvR can pull WoW out of it’s decline (Quality Wise) with this many subscribers I hope WoW does not end up the greatest MMOG (There is 0 Role-playing in these games, drop the R already…) FAD in gaming history.

I promised to give WoW a chance till the BGs went live and I’m holding to it but so far there are better choices for online games.

The underline is mine.

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