This is PvP

From FoH’s boards:

The purpose of pvping is centrally to hamper the progress of your enemy. Take their camp out or take their camp over, make them run back to their corpse, lose time, stop levelling, screw up a quest, etc.

That is *real* pvp.

When you are a level 38 hunter, and my level 60 warlock comes up to you, I’m not just going to kill you. That would be pointless, a waste of mana on my part for the insignificant benefit I would receive. Instead I am going to kill your pet. And then spend the next 10 minutes using a succubus to chain mez you as often as possible unless of course I can just fear you into a bunch of mobs where you take a durability hit.

Or you can save both myself and yourself a bunch of time and every time you see me, just feel free to pull into a bunch of mobs onto yourself and suicide.. It will make the whole process go so much quicker.

Don’t like it? Play on a PVE server you fucking bluebie.

Here is a newsflash for you. Getting a level 38 hunter to quit the game or reroll onto a different server would be the best possible thing that could happen to me. He happily goes off and can level in peace on a PVE server without fear of getting ganked, and I don’t have to deal with his writing TOOO fucking long posts about why PVP doesn’t have a point and is just worthless ganking like what you write.

But that’s usually isn’t what happens. He remembers my name, not just as the level 60 person that ganked him in a split second or as the level 60 that let him live that one time he was xping in the badlands, but instead as the level 60 warlock named Antarius in the guild Minium that harassed him for a good 10 minutes straight. When he gets to 60 he is always going to have a grudge against me. He is going to hate me, he is going to hate my guild, he is going to kill or at least attempt to kill any of us every time he sees us. He will tell his friends about us.

Fuck the thread on this forum about lack of community building in wow. Come roll an alliance character on my server and I’ll show you what a friendly loving community is all about as I sit on your corpse and pass messages to you in AIM about how much you suck.

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