Battlegrounds still broken

Recent messages on the official WoW boards:

Not today, but we are shooting for the beginning of June. We just wanted to get some more time on the Test Realm. We’ve made some great changes to the Battlegrounds, a lot of them are based on player feedback, and we want a few days to test out those changes.

We have been patching more quickly. Battlegrounds, however, is a major feature and a large development team would not speed along the obvious testing needed before such a thing is introduced to live realms. The reason why we have kept Battlegrounds on the Test Realm for nearly a month is that no amount of QA testing such a feature can match the sheer wear and tear it takes while players try it out. This has proven most useful, and in the patch’s duration on Test we’ve found and resolved quite a few issues and balance quirks with the system.

I really don’t know where are these “great changes” because I haven’t seen any and all the concerns that the players are expressing are being blatantly ignored. At least if I don’t count as “great changes” the brand new bugs they are introducing.

I haven’t checked in detail the Alterac BG but I can say that most of the problems in Warsong are still untouched and brand new ones are being patched it.

One is already famous, the other was introduced even more recently: now the CTF battleground doesn’t even reset after one of the factions wins. It just sit there forever, breaking completely the purpose of the instance. New players join the BG just to discover that the flags have been already returned and that the match is over. With no way to make the session restart.

The design concerns I expressed along these months are all still completely ignored and even the implementation of those concepts (already faulty) is badly bugged.

All I can say is that I’m going to have a “great, glorious fun” when they’ll patch this shit on the live servers. And not because of the gameplay.

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