WoW’s BattleGrounds – From bad to worst

It’s been a couple of weeks since the tests server were launched. Aside all the comment and critics I wrote about the approach, the BGs have been completely unplayable because of problems both in the execution and the design that were obvious to just everyone who logged in the Test servers even for a few minutes.

The Alterac BG has been reenabled only yesterday because severely broken in a number of aspects. The CTF BG worked slightly better but was completely unplayable due to the flag vanishing.

Now they patched a new version. You’d expect to fix something?

No, they broke things even more. It’s hilarious.

Not only they didn’t fix the durability hit on the equipment and the flags vanishing and all the most glaring problems and design issue already reported and discussed ad nauseam. But they also managed to severely nerf the Contribution Points you gain from winning a CTF game.

Before this last patch you gained 1600 CPs for each victory (three flags returned). The reward was good and it encouraged the players to fight for the victory (well, if the flags didn’t vanish). This because only one faction won those points in the case of a victory.

So I’d say that between ALL the broken parts of these BGs, this definitely was one of the few that worked.

Guess what? They didn’t fix anything but they broke the only point that worked.

Now they do not reward anymore for a victory in the CTF. They reward just for each flag returned. How much? 68 CPs. No really.

That’s 166 points if you finish the BGs. LESS than a single kill.

This means that, you know, playing the CTF game is now completely USELESS. You just go there, leech kills in solo for a bit till the diminished returns are off and then jump on another instance searching for new opponents. That’s the behaviour that this system is rewarding and encouraging.

Not only. The devs have stated again that the diminished returns for the points won’t be removed.

The idea is working so well that the players are learning that going solo in a BG instead of forming groups is consistently more efficent.

A masterpiece.

I’d really congratulate myself with the dev team. I definitely didn’t expect them to be THAT clueless. That’s not anymore a matter of good or bad design. Whoever came out with this last idea is just an idiot. Nothing else. There’s no need to disturb the “game design” on this issue. That’s just pure idiocy.

By the way, it seems that the BGs are in the hands of Furor. And I really do not need to comment further.

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