Sometimes, Haemish recovers

A few good considerations about what I posted here below from Haemish. (thread on F13)

But I still wonder if they replaced the old Haemish with a Shild clone.

4) RvR does not equal PvP. DAoC is not a PvP game and neither will be this game. We want people to be able to roleplay and we also want them to be able to play the game without worrying about getting ganked from the moment they enter the game by someone more powerful than them.

Yes, DAOC IS A PVP GAME. It just happens to have a significantly large and boring and grindy PVE game attached to it, making the biggest factor in PVP success being time invested in the PVE game. But make no mistake, DAOC is a PVP game. It just isn’t an OPEN PVP game.

5) The building and maintaining of community is quite important to Mythic whether it is in the game or out of it. The reason we don’t host our own forums is that we either do it well (which means full-time admins, added costs) or we would rather not do it at all. We will consider setting up our own forums for this game but most likely, they will be private to keep the noise level down. Now, if we make them private, we will of course invite all the people who have been participating in forums like these to join us. We will also have ultra-private forums for beta-testers as we do for DAoC and Imperator.

Translation: We will only listen to ourselves and our closest sycophants, just like we did with DAoC.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as I think official forums are huge wastes of resources and IQ points. But don’t make that sound like it’ll be an “open community” because it won’t be. DAoC isn’t.

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