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So I’m reading. I’m starting to form my own opinions about all that happened after Lum started to work at Mythic. All I posted below was just the start for me of an interesting research.

I still haven’t a completely formed opinion but I have a few “fixed” points:
– Lum did some relevant mistakes.
– Lum was between /two/ different conflicts of interest, not one. Both too strong and opposed.
– Lum knew he was going to do those mistakes.
– At a point the situation slipped off-hand, exactly as he feared.
– During the unavoidable transition Lum’s problems made things worst.

A partial conclusion is that Lum is both the executioner and the victim. I don’t think he has nothing to learn because I believe he always understood the situation clearly, risks included.

Aside this I find interesting a post of Mark Jacobs, in particular if you read it today:

For those few of you who are saying that we did this because we can’t take criticism, I have three quick points to make.

1) If that was the case, why would we still be here or have any Mythic presence on any site?

Fun to read it now that Mythic is completely impermeable to any form of criticism that doesn’t come from their tight selected and closed audience.

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