Fun exchange

Just a fun exchange on Corpnews boards:

I’d be willing to give EQ2 a fair shot, but I won’t put down $50 sight-unseen with no refunds. If they want my hard-earned money, they’re going to have to show me that it’s going to be well spent. Or, more precisely in this case, that it’s going to be better spent there than on WoW. Were EQ2 coming out in a vacuum, I’d be an easy sell. Give me ample quests to do and stuff to explore, and I’ll buy your game. And from all accounts, EQ2 has quests and exploration, so that would be enough.

If they were stand-up guys, they’d have a public beta so everyone could poke it and see how it wiggles. As it stands, though, looks like I’ll just have to sit and hope that they decide to randomly select me into the beta.

Argh Im A Pirate:
When did the public beta become the unoffical demo?

When games started going gold in a beta state.

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