This fucked industry

From a developer post on Reddit, about the Assassin’s Creed fuck-up:

However, most teams on AAA don’t want to give up quality for anything. Why? Because that means lower Metacritic scores for one thing…a thing that most studio bonuses are inextricably intertwined with. Busted your ass for 2 years on a project and it’s expected to bring in a 90 Metacritic so you can get your 20% IC bonus? Wait, you only got an 88% because some jackass kid who gets paid in pagecounts and free games decided you did a half-assed job on the animations for the female character compared to the male and the side-quests weren’t involved enough (because your team threw those out to work on the female characters)…no bonus for you, sucker!


Wake up. The responsibility or the blame aren’t for the “jackass kid” who wrote a review. The responsibility is on your idiotic management who decided you get paid on the basis of Metacritic.

Get your priorities fixed. Responsibility usually goes upstream. Same direction where the money goes.

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