Can’t have nice things

I won’t even mention what it is about, since we’re clearly dealing with incompetence and I’m utterly pissed.

This is a JRPG game that was announced for release on Steam for “Winter 2013”. Then winter passed, so it was announced for “Spring 2014”. Then spring passed.

Actual quotes, June 5:

We’re still hoping to have it released BEFORE summer if possible, but failing that, I’m almost certain we’ll get it out before fall, so summer is a safe bet.

Safe bet.

A couple of hours later, he checks the calendar:

Oh, crap… I forgot how close summer was!

…You’re right, I’m thinking this isn’t going to make spring after all…

He forgot summer was close.

This being the first title, because they also announced the MUCH BIGGER sequel. For Summer 2014. Yeah.

Go fuck yourself, fan translations are 300% more competent than this shit.

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