Some banter

I’m utterly enjoying House of Chains. The banter is exceptional as always.

‘All right, fine. I’ll play along, on one condition.’
‘What condition?’
‘That whenever you manage to escape, you free me as well. A small thing, you might think, but I assure you—’
‘Very well. I, Karsa Orlong of the Uryd, give my word.’
‘Good. I like the formality of that vow. Sounds like it’s real.’
‘It is. Do not mock me, else I kill you once I have freed you.’
‘Ah, now I see the hidden caveat. I must twist another vow from you, alas—’
The Teblor growled with impatience, then relented and said, ‘I, Karsa Orlong, shall not kill you once I have freed you, unless given cause.’
‘Explain the nature of those causes—’
‘Are all Daru like you?’
’It needn’t be an exhaustive list. “Cause” being, say, attempted murder, betrayal, and mockery of course. Can you think of any others?’
‘Talking too much.’
‘Well, with that one we’re getting into very grey, very murky shades, don’t you think? It’s a matter of cultural distinctions—’
‘I believe Darujhistan shall be the first city I conquer—’

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