The wail of the Wheel of Time

If the decision to split “A Memory of Light” in three different books in order to milk the franchise didn’t reveal a particular intention, this may even to the loudest and dumbest apologists.

Brandon Sanderson has written another piece where he explains he WILL WRITE the outriggers (Dune-like) as long Tom covers him with money while he unloads all responsibilities on Harriet.

The reasoning is quite interesting:

It would be very hard to let someone else write it. Almost as hard as it would be to let go of another series.

This being Sanderson expressing his own feelings, and one wonders how JORDAN would feel about Sanderson writing his stuff.

Translation: he already stabbed Mr Jordan once, and he’s the most fitting to do it again.

What is irritating is the complete lack of sincerity and the continuous attempts to justify what he does without taking ANY responsibility for his choices. It’s Tom that wants the books, it’s Harriet that will decide if they will be made. He’s just the passive writer with no choice but to save the day.

The outriggers being another three books, the prequels another two. He’s set for a great career.

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