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A curious exchange on the forums (no links because linking to the Vault sucks. Just look at Mark’s account and all his posts):

Mark Jacobs: And yes, this is the patch that pretty much everyone has been asking for and talking about here and elsewhere. Brought in from 1.1 to 1.05 as I hoped we could do.

random guy: Mark, is there anything in this particular patch to buff up RvR?

Mark Jacobs: No, not a lot. This is the Combat and Careers patch and it took priority over everything else.

Imho, their priorities are all wrong and their procedures even worse.

Priorities are wrong because what I would have done is:
1- Boosting PvE experience in Tier 3 and 4 and smooth the leveling curve.
2- Add teleports/flight masters to the warcamps and the chapter PvE hubs to ease travel between PvE and RvR.
3- Rework the RvR system to use a hotspot system where players activity gravitates around BOs and keeps (details here).
THAT, maybe, would be the patch people have been asking. Or at least that’s my perception.

The procedures are wrong because class balance is one aspect where baby steps are the best approach. Refine and test over and over. Reiterate as much as possible.

Instead? Mythic goes for the big sweeping changes for all classes at once. No wonder balance is hard.

You know. Balance. The word says it. It’s something that requires very, very slight adjustment till it’s perfect. With big shoves all over the place things won’t be exactly easier.

Mark Jacobs: The 1.05 patch is the anxiously awaited “Combat and Careers” patch. As I mentioned already, it is over 17 pages long and still growing and it includes, among other things, adjustments to every career in the game. It is, by far, the largest WAR patch yet and is by its very nature, full of far-reaching and sweeping changes.

Big sweeping changes to all classes.
Baby steps or nothing for RvR.
Right on track.

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