There is no team, there is just Mark Jacobs

Your commander takes the helm:

Over the last week or so I have been playing the game continually focusing on RvR from a solo player’s (though I have joined a guild for one of my toons) perspective. I’ll talk about some of the changes/additions that have come from that experience in the coming weeks. The first result of that is a 7 page document that I’ve delivered to the team and I’m working on a second document that might be even longer.

Holy cow!

He’s written seven pages to explain his dev team the problems of open RvR. Seven fucking pages. And here I thought I was logorrheic.

He’s explaining his team the problems of open RvR, a game whose major feature is RvR, a game that was just released and whose design is only examined now.

What the fuck have you done in the last 2+ years?

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