Grimwell sits on Blackguard’s chair

I just found out that Grimwell (“Craig Dalrymple” says Cosmik) is at SOE as the community manager for EQ2. Wow, big grats and good luck.

I like a lot reading these kinds of news because I like to see people succeed or move toward interesting perspectives, so I’ll keep registering movements in our community. Now if I was naughty I would link his previous call for independence ;p

His welcome message on EQ2 boards can be found here.

In-context I also relink and quote Lum:

Public relations people are normally great people (they kind of have to be, being that dealing with people is their job and all) but they are at direct cross-purposes from a free flow of information which is necessary if developers are to ever get honest feedback. Which is why the best community relations teams aren’t treated as PR adjuncts, but their own seperate fiefdom, where they act more as ombudsmen then salesmen.

That’s quite pertinent, ain’t it?

Btw, there was a lot of movement during the past year. Everyone found a good chair to sit on. This is positive, no?

Well, there’s Cosmik who’s looking for a new job.

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