FUCK YOU Blizzard, dearly

If the news of the forced server splits below your ass wasn’t enough (my opinion is here), now we have this.

I still remember when Blizzard repeatedly promised to european players official support to play on the american servers. But “only after the european launch”.

Then the european launch arrived and Blizzard completely ignored questions about this issue if not repeating that they didn’t want european players on the american servers FOR THEIR OWN INTEREST. Because they were worried to provide a quality service and they didn’t want us to experience too much lag or receive support in a language we don’t understand. How cute.

Giving players the choice of course was above them.

With this last patch in preparation for The Burning Crusade they modified the TOS:

4. Limitations on Your Use of the Service.

A. You may only access the Service from within the territorial boundaries of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or Singapore. Any access to your Account, whether by you or anyone else, from any location outside those countries is a breach of this Agreement.

So if you are an european player playing on the american server from today you are considered in the same league of gold farmers, exploiters, cheaters or hackers. You are breaking the terms of service.

Fuck you Blizzard.

One day you won’t be anymore “king of the hill” and you’ll start to pay one by one for all these fucking stupid choices.

I don’t think that treating legit customers as criminals will payback. But till you are in a dominating position then you can afford just everything, even this shit.

LOL. Someone remembers that in my proposed LFG tool I had suggested to use an animated demon eye to appear when the LFG flag is active? Well, after this last patch when you are flagged LFG (but only for the auto-join option) an animated demon eye appears near the mini map ;)

No, really.

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