Diablo and Starcraft as MMOs – FACTS

Follow up to this (I will trim the post in the next days).

These are the “incriminated” slides from the presentation. Kindly made available by SirBruce.

The last one is probably the one that generated all the rumors. Still FAR from the claim “All Blizzard franchises will become MMOGs.” But maybe it was presented to the live audience in another way.

For now THE FACTS only describe a remote possibility. Not a concrete plan.

EDIT: I remove the slides at request of Blizzard (I decided to remove them before receiving the e-mail after all the discussions, but I was away from the PC) and the same happened to Grimwell where they were posted first. People on QT3 wrote that it could be copyright infringement. Well, this is something too stupid to get in trouble with. I originally mirrored the slides just because I thought they were public and just to try to dig the facts behind the “news”. It looks like even this time this is about asking too much.

The slides didn’t even show anything we didn’t know already. So I really don’t know what all the fuss is about.

Surely I didn’t mirror them with malicious intentions.

EDIT: Since the slides were removed I’ll just say that the last one showed a scheme where both Diablo and Starcraft were marked as “potential” in the MMO market, as well an extension to the console market for all three franchises (Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft).

As Shild explains here the original claim wasn’t coming from rabid speculation derived from these slides, but from a Q&A session with a Vivendi rep *after* the presentation.

LATEST EDIT: The WHOLE presentation is available publicly here, as reported.

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