Needles in the the mouth, for the win

Everything went to smooth on Monday, so I decided to make a new trip to the dentist. No, really.

The pain I didn’t feel that time I’m feeling now. No, really.

Fact is that I discovered that the hole that my wisdom tooth left was so deep that it went right to my fucking NOSE. Air goes through it. A goddamn hole between the mouth and the nose. I couldn’t even imagine it could be something possible. Then, you know, Google-fu answered me that what I felt was, indeed, true.

Back to the dentist when I thought I was good AT LEAST for two years. It lasted TWO DAYS instead.

Got more needles and basically she closed the gum, “extending” it. Now I have STITCHES in my mouth and I feel them. Hello painkillers.

We’ll see if this is enough or if the oddissey continues through more complications.

It was too easy, I had to go back for some more fun.

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