WoW like an heavy elephant

I’ll go with a cheap attack this time, but still about something that could play a major role in the long distance:

In the last months I’ve been in this beta I’ve seen a very good product, both in what’s already delivered and its potential (which could be improved or not). But the image I have of the game is of a painfully slow and heavy elephant.

Surely the game is playable and most of the testers are having fun on a stable platform, but I haven’t really seen a test environment. More than three months and I’ve seen just a single patch that broke more things than what it solved. And I guess how Blizzard will manage a live environment if this is the pace of a beta.

This slowness is and will probably be a strength of a solid game but it seems also its weakest spot. Other projects can surely have a different, lower ambition but they are also a lot more alive and dynamic. More stimulating and responsive. I’ve read about a live team that will offer new content but I’m really starting to fear that the expectations (at least mines) are set way too high.

That live team could work on more monsters, quests and new dungeons pushed “live” from time to time but this feels to me as more and more of the same that won’t really add anything to the game.

I have the perception of this heavy elephant that barely moves but that also suffers from its weight. It seems tired. And we are just starting to walk.

Perhaps just a wrong impression from a tester (me) that has a lot more interest in the development side of a game rather than playing it directly. I surely feel bored by what is going on and the lack of interesting developments.

Perhaps just a personal rant :)
Or not.

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