The bug of justice

As you probably have read everywhere a possible reason why half of World of Warcraft servers are going nut is because of a “ship bug”. A thread debating this idiocy can be found here.

The reason of this entry instead is about a “Message from the President of Blizzard” that appeared on the forum. In particular this part:

The boat between Menethil Harbor and Auberdine was disappearing intermittently, dropping players into the ocean and crashing the servers. Passengers on this boat who were disconnected and tried to reconnect would crash the server yet again when trying to log on. We knew that this was unacceptable and immediately took down the servers when we discovered the problem in order to implement a fix.

It’s unacceptable that a bug that beta players know since September now crashes the server. Yes, because till now this bug just dropped you in the ocean, killing you and forcing you to do two or three corpse run. Loosing time and durability on items, breaking parties and, overall, delivering a really nice experience (and if you were lucky also reiterating it more than once).

Obviously this wasn’t enough to be put in the list of things to fix. But now…

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