A guide to Alliance’s instances

I archive here an on-going guide I’m writing about the quests related to the instanced dungeons in World of Warcraft. Alliance side only. The guide will be updated as I gather more informations and can be found in the “Repository” page linked on the sidebar (below the “Recent Comments” section). The guide is as spoiler-free as possible and it mostly list how to obtain the quests.

Updated: 28-May-2005

I’ll group here all the guides about the *group* instances. Probably in the future I’ll open another topic about the *raid* instances. The difference is that a group instance will be done with a single group of five characters, while a raid instances will require more groups working together. In the game you can know the type of an instance by looking at the color of the portal:

A blue portal means that it’s a group instance
A red portal means that it’s a raid instance

Deadmines and Van CleefLevels: 20+

Just a small guide about the quests involved. The “Deadmines” is an instanced dungeon in “Westfall” you can do around level 20. to complete it you need up to 1-2 hours or more if you keep dying. Bringing in healers is required and it will be the same for every instance at the latter levels. Building the group with the right classes is already achieving half the victory, remember this.

These are the four quests I’ve tracked down till now:

1- Gryan Stoutmantle – Westfall – Silent Hill – In the tower
“The Defias Brotherhood” – multipart

2- Gnoarn – Ironforge – Tinker Town
“Speak with Shoni” -> “Underground Assault”

3/4- Wilder Thistlenettle – Stormwind – Dwarven District – Inside the inn
“Oh Brother…”
“Collecting Memories”

The first is a multipart quest that will take some time. You need to repeat a few kill quests, then fly to Redridge, Stormwind and back to Westfall for another couple of tasks. Easy to solo if you are already around level 20. The last part will be the only one inside the instanced dungeon and it will require to kill Van Cleef and get his head (read the books you’ll gain during the various steps to understand the story).

The second quest will send you to Stormwind to speak with a gnome in the Dwarven district. Then you’ll have to enter the Deadmines and retrieve an object from the first “boss” you’ll meet (so make sure you got the second step from Stormwind before joining the group for the dungeon).

The third and fourth quests are given by the same NPC. You can find it in the Dwarven district, inside an inn. I didn’t finish these two quests but I believe they can be completed *outside* the instance itself. The “Oh Brother” quest is about collecting badges you’ll find on some sort of ghost miners in a section of the caves.

The Stockade – StormwindLevels: 23+

1- Letter dropped by Van Cleef – triggered quest
“The Unsent Letter” -> “Bazil Thredd” -> “The Stockade Riots”
The city architect is inside one of the building in Cathedral Square, on the right side

2- Warden Thelwater (41.57) – Stormwind – The brown tower on map between the trade district and the mage quarter
“Quell The Uprising”

3- Guard Berton – Redridge Mountains – Lakeshire – out the entrance of the inn
“What Comes Around…”

4- Councilman Millstipe – Duskwood – Darkshire – Town Hall (71,47)
“Crime and Punishment”

5- Nikova Raskov – Stormwind – Old Town – outside the barracks (73,50)
The Color of Blood”

6- Motley Garmason – Wetlands – Dun Modr – The dwarfs shooting up the north
“The Fury Runs Deep” (You need to do a previous quest before getting this one)

Blackfathom DeepsLevels: 23+

This is one of the best instances even if it’s always overlooked by the players. The entrance is in Ashenvale, north of the shore.

1- Gershala Nightwhisper – Darkshore – Auberdine
“Researching the Corruption”

2- Gerrig Bonegrip – Ironforge – Furlon Cavern – The building on the right of the one marked as “traveling fisherman” (50,5)
“Knowledge in the Deeps”

3- Argent Guard Thaelrid – Inside the instance – South-West from the isle with the big turtle
“Blackfathom Villany”
(To return the head follow the direction of the quest 4#)

4- Argent Guard Manados – Darnassus – Craftmen’s Terrace – The Argent Dawn building, on the map on the right of the round building (55,23)
“Twilight Falls”

GnomeragonLevels: 28+

This instance is one of the most fun, inside the Gnome city, west from Ironforge. After defeating the mid-boss for the first time you’ll receive a key that can be used on other occasions to bypass completely the first zone and go directly to the last. The other entrance is near the room with Techbot, at the end of the long corridor you can see on your minimap.

1- Brother Sarno – Cathedral in Stormwind
“Tinkmaster Overspark” -> “Save Techbot’s Brain!”

2- Shoni The Shilent – Stormwind – Dwarven district – Near the well
“Gyrodrillmatic Excavationators”

3- Gnoarn – Ironforge – Tinker Town
“The Day After” -> “Gnogaine”

4- Klockmort Spannerspan – Ironforge – Tinker Town
“Essential Artificials”

5- High Tinker Mekkatorque – Ironforge – Tinker Town
“The Grand Betrayal”

6- Master Mechanic Castpipe – Ironforge – Tinker Town
“Data Rescue”

7- Dropped ring in the last section of the instance

Scarlet MonasteryLevels: 35-40

This instance is divided in four different sections that can be completed separately. I tracked only two quests, both rather straightforward.

1- Brother Anton – Desolace – Nijel’s point – the outpost on the northern border of the zone
“Down the Scarlet Path” – > “In the Name of the Light”
(this quest may require a previous one that can be obtained from an NPC in the basement of the cathedral in Stormwind)

2- Librarian Mae Paledust – Ironforge – Hall of Explorers
“Mythology of the Titans”

UldamanLevels: 42+

Adding more data and details as I have time. Many quests are part of long cycles. The instance can be found in the Badlands.

1- Rigglefuzz – Badlands – Camp near the center of the map
“Power Stones”

2- Fizzle Brassbolts – Thousand Needles – The Shimmering Flats
“Martek the Exlied” -> “Indurium” -> “News for Fizzle” -> probably broken at this point

3- Krom Stoutarm – Ironforge – Hall of Explorers
“Reclaimed Treasures”

4- Prospector Stormpike – Ironforge – Hall of Explorers
“The Lost Dwarves” -> “The Hidden Chamber”

5- Prospector Stormpike – Ironforge – Hall of Explorers
“Ironband Wants You!” -> “Find Agmond” -> Murdaloc” -> “Agmond’s Fate”

6- Theldurin the Lost – Badlands – Center-bottom of the map
“Solution to Doom” -> “To Ironforge for Yagyin’s Digest” -> etc…

7- (dropped necklace) – Badlands – Uldaman excavation site – dropped by dwarfs NPCs
“The Shattered Necklace” ->”Lore for a Price” -> “Back to Uldaman” -> “Remains of a Paladin” -> “Find the Gems” -> “Restoring the Necklace”
(TdK is in Ironforge, around the Mystic Ward)

8- (crumpled map) – Badlands – Hammertoe’s Digsite (54,34)
(crumpled map) -> “A sign of hope” -> “Amulet of Secrets” -> “Prospect of Faith” -> “Passing Word of a Threat” -> “An Ambassador of Evil” -> “The Lost Tablets of Will”
The map is not that easy to find, it’s aside a table, on the ground
Prospector Ryedol is south of the same mountain where you found the map

9- (chamber behind the last encounter) Within the Uldaman instance
“The platinum Discs” (this quest triggers a serie that stops abruptly. Probably tied to “Uldum” an instanced dungeon still not ready)

MaraudonLevels: 45+

A good instance with three different accesses. Located on Desolace withing the mountains in the SW, North of the zone with the centaurs. Good loot and quests.

1- Archmage Tevrosh – Dustwallow Marsh – Theramore (at the top of the main tower)
“Shadowshard Fragments”

2- Telendria – Desolace – Nijel’s Point (68,9)
“Vyletongue Corruption”

3- Keeper Marandis – Desolace – Nijel’s Point
“Corruption of Earth ands Seed”

4- Willow – Desolace – NE from the center of the map, inside an house also marked on the map (62,39)
“Twisted Evils”

5- Centaur Pariah – Desolace
“The Pariah’s Instructions”
(the centaur Pariah wanders in the southern part of the map, between Mannoroc Coven and the Gelkis centaurs)

6- Cavindra – Within Maraudon but outside the instance – Orange crystal cavern
“Legends of Maraudon”

Zul’FarrakLevels: 46+

This instance has a few hard (but really cool) parts if the groups aren’t well-built. In particular the presence of at least a mage is encouraged.

1- Trenton Lighthammer – Tanaris – Gadgetzan – Right on the left as you enter
“Troll Temper”

2- Tran’rek – Tanaris – Gatgetzan – Near the back (north)
“Scarab Shells”

3- Bink – Ironforge – Mystic Ward – Hall of Mysteries – On the right as you enter
“Tabetha’s Task” -> “Tiara of The Deep”
(Tabetha can be found in Dustwallow Marsh (46.57) in a small house north of Stonemaul Ruins)

4- Yeh’kinya – Tanaris – Steamwheedle Port – North-east corner of the map
“Screecher Spirits” -> “The Prophecy of Mosh’aru” -> continues on Sunken Temple section

5- Wizzle Brassbolts – Thousand Needles – Shimmering Flats (somewhere near the outpost)
(to summon it you’ll have to follow the instruction written on a tablet dropping during the instance. You need only one of these tools in the group but if you want to go get it you’ll need to move to The Hinterlands and fight your way through a zone filled with elite mobs – Jintha’Alor)

6- Chief Engineer Bilgewhizzle – Tanaris – Gadgetzan – On the right side of the city
“Divino-matic Rod”

7- Gryphon Master Talonaxe – The Hinterlands – Aerie Peak – Inside the bigger building, near the other gryphon master
“Witherbark Cages” -> “The Altar of Zul” -> “Thadius Grimshade” -> “Nekrum’s Medallion” -> “The Divination” -> “Return To The Hinterlands” -> “Saving Sharpbeak”
(the only part that really involves the instanced dungeon is “Nekrum’s Medallion”)

Sunken Temple (Temple of Atal’Hakkar)Levels: 52+

Yeh’kinya – Tanaris – Steamwheedle Port – North-east corner of the map
“The Ancient Egg” -> “The God Hakkar”
(see Zul Farrak’s fourth quest line)

done- Brohann Caskbelly – Stormwind – The Dwarven District (64.20) – In the right building as you enter from the Stormwind Keep zone
“In Search of The Temple” -> “To The Hinterlands” -> “Gryphon Master Talonaxe” -> “Rhapsody Shindigger” -> “Rhapsody’s Kalimdor Kocktail” -> “Rhapsody’s Tale” -> “Into The Temple of Atal’Hakkar”

Muigin – Un’Goro Crater (42.9) – In the camp west of Mashal’s Refuge, in the north between the mountains
“Muigin and Larion” -> “A Visit to Gregan” -> “Haze of Evil”
Gregan Brewspewer – Feralas (45.25) – a camp on the west of the road south of Twin Colossals

Angelas Moonbreeze – Feralas (31.45) – Feathermoon – South-reastern building in the town
“The Sunken Temple” -> “The Stone Circle” -> “Into the Depths” -> “Secret of the Circle”
Marvon Rivetseeker – Tanaris (52.45) – Broken Pillar – A goblin in the ruins near the center of the map, also marked with a symbol

Atal’ai Exile – The Hinterlands (33.75)
“Jammal’an the Prophet”
(Atal’ai is in the southern part of Shadra’Alor, the zone SE of Aerie Peak)

Starts within the Sunken Temple
“The Essence of Eranikus”

“Bloodpetal Zapper” ? Broken quest

Blackrock DepthsLevels: 55+

Work in progress.

(level 56) “Dragonkin Menace” -> “The True Masters” -> “Marshal Windsor” -> “Abandoned Hope” – > “A Crumpled Up Note” -> “A Shred of Hope”

Franclorn Forgewright – as a ghost in the central room near the entrance
“Dark Iron Legacy”

Enohar Thunderbrew – Blasted Lands
“Ragnar Thunderbrew” -> “Hurley Blackbreath”

Kalaran Windblade – Searing Gorge – NW from the Cauldron, still around the center (39,39)
“Divine Retribution” -> “The Flawless Flame” -> “Forging the Shaft” -> “The Flame’s Casing” -> “The Torch of Retribution” -> “Squire Maltrake” -> “Set Them Ablaze!” -> “Trinkets…” -> “A Taste of Flame”
When you reach the “Trinkets…” part you have to open the chest and get its content: “Black Dragonflight Molt”. The next step is a bit obscure because you won’t get a new quest directly. You’ll have to move to the Burning Steppes zone and go find an NPC named “Cyrus Therepentous” living in a cavern marked on the map on the NE border. That NPC will offer the following quest.

Oralius – Burning Steppes – Morgan’s Vigil – South-Eastern corner of the map
“The Good Stuff”

Jalinda Sprig – Burning Steppes – Morgan’s Vigil
“Overmaster Pyron” -> “Incendius!”

Yorba Screwspigot – Tanaris – Steamwheedle Port – NE corner of the map (67,23)
“Yuka Screwspigot” -> “Ribbly Screwspigot”
Yuka Screwspigot is north of the Ruins of Thaurissan – (65,22)

Royal Historian Archesonus – Ironforge – Throne room
“The Smoldering Ruins of Thaurissan” -> “Kharan Mighthammer”

(to get inside) Mistress Nagmara
“The Love Potion”

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