Geldon has finished Oblivion

Geldon is the weirdest guy on the internet. But beside this, he finished Oblivion. I think his post has an image that counts as a spoiler, so this is an excerpt that is still “safe”:

I pushed towards ending the main storyline in Elder Scrolls: Oblivion today. At level 35+, with ludicriously enchanted gear, my Agent character was long overdue to end it. I stuck with one character from start to end of a game for over 86 hours of play time. How about that? I guess I can stick with a single character after all.

Well, 86 hours sounds quite satisfying for an ambitious rpg like this. I love long games.

Since this post is short I’ll add some stuff I digged out:
– F1 to F4 work great as an alternative to “tab”. They bring up the UI at the specific tab you need
– From the game console type: set timescale xx – where “xx” stands for how many game minutes correspond to one real life minute. This is quite fun because if you set it to 1200 or more you can see day/night cycles at a super speed ;p

If you want to set the timescale permanently you have to save the game after you gave the command. You need to repeat this for every new game, if you want to set it as a default option you need a mod. The default of the game is 1 RL min = 30 Oblivion minutes. Which means that for every two minutes you have an hour and a whole day is equal to 48 real minutes. Consider that if you change the defaults even the fast travel option will factor the new timing.

Right now I’m using two simple mods. One is custom made and just changes the default timescale to 15. This slows down the game time by half as I felt the time going too fast for my likings and the night/day cycle way too fast. If you want to mod it yourself you need to get the editor, the setting is under the “gameplay” > “globals” > “timescale”. The other mod I’m using can be found here and slows down the skills by half, giving you more space to explore the world and do the side-quests without outlevelling everything too quickly and becoming too powerful. I use the 2x one.

See, I find amusing how we complained about slow treadmills and grindy stuff along these years, and now we create mods to slow everything down.

This is pretty fun also.

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