And the new alliance race is the murloc *gurgle*

There’s a screenshot leaked from beta that is circulating right now. It shows a character selection screen and a warrior murloc fully modeled and equipped, it even has the might helmet adapted to the shape of the head of the murloc. The server names says “Exp_US_test”.

As a fake it is way too complex. I’m going to believe to this one. The E3 is near and I bet it’s where Blizzard will reveal the alliance eace. Enjoy your month+ anticipation ;)

From Q23:

A buddy of mine who worked at Blizzard described the planned WoW expansion E3 trailer an in an IM:

10:57:15 AM EXBLIZZDUDER: starts with a scene underwater
10:57:18 AM EXBLIZZDUDER: the dark murky depths
10:57:32 AM EXBLIZZDUDER: then a gnomish submarine sinks and crashes into teh ocean floor
10:57:44 AM EXBLIZZDUDER: a few murlocs go inside and find all the gnomes dead
10:57:57 AM EXBLIZZDUDER: but the “TV screens” are still playing
10:58:09 AM EXBLIZZDUDER: with some gnomes say, “Are you tehre? are you there? Hello?”
10:58:16 AM EXBLIZZDUDER: and then the murlos look all confused and one of them mimics it
10:58:34 AM EXBLIZZDUDER: the words first come out strange and bubbly
10:58:46 AM EXBLIZZDUDER: but then the others chimein and after a few more tries, it sounds like almost perfect gnomish!
10:58:50 AM EXBLIZZDUDER: fade to black
10:59:07 AM EXBLIZZDUDER: a few years later, there is a thriving murloc community built around the gnomish submarine
10:59:15 AM EXBLIZZDUDER: it looks like they are rebuilding it!!
10:59:30 AM EXBLIZZDUDER: then you see a crew of murlocs get in teh gnomish submarine
10:59:52 AM EXBLIZZDUDER: they are piloting it back to an Alliance port, surrounded by an army of swimmig murloc escorts
10:59:58 AM EXBLIZZDUDER: it loosk like an invasion!
11:00:04 AM EXBLIZZDUDER: the alliance comes out in force
11:00:09 AM EXBLIZZDUDER: tense moments
11:00:18 AM EXBLIZZDUDER: mages, knights, paladings, etc, ready to fight
11:00:34 AM EXBLIZZDUDER: and then teh hatch opensup, and a murloc pops out speaking perfect gnome
11:00:42 AM EXBLIZZDUDER: “We come in peace…and to return your ship!”
11:00:48 AM EXBLIZZDUDER: the Alliance looks stunned and we fade backout

Of course, I assumed he was just messing with me. HMMMMMMMMM….

The 1 April is tomorrow. Maybe Blizzard wants to fool us. Maybe not.

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