Raph has the blog flu

Maybe you noticed but Raph is really trying hard to promote his new blog thing wherever he can. In all the forums I follow he went to ask some sort of attention (here, here, here and here). Now I don’t find this bad or something, but it surely looks odd.

You know, you would expect that type of behaviour from *me*, in fact people cannot stop to mock me when I link back something, even when it is in-context. But the point is another. Now Raph is posting restelessly on his blog, his entries took over my RSS feeds. So I wonder what are the real reasons about all this turmoil. Okay, I can understand that he has lots of stuff to write but he is way too restless to make this look just normal. Heck, now he even goes with the livejournal types of tests.

It’s nowhere possible that he’ll keep this pace for long, I give him a month. He is way too restless to make this look like a long lasting interest. He seems frustrated about something, like trapped or something.

I’m not sure if you understand what I mean. I’m not criticizing or blaming him. It’s just that it looks like a frustrated kid with a new toy, he goes all hyper and then loses all the interest two minutes later because he is bothered by something else.

So, just to make some sense, there are two things. The first is that I don’t belive that Raph will get what he expects from this blog thing and after a month we’ll see him posting every so often if not abandoning the place to just poke at it sporadically like it did with his previous place. The second thing is that he looks really too restless to the point that I recognize something of me in that attitude. And it’s definitely not normal. So there may be something behind.

Or maybe it’s just that nasty blog flu.

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