Don’t do this at home

I cannot catch up with the things I should write. I have a “notes.rtf” file on my desktop that exceeded the 100Kb of text and it’s becoming way too large to even be useful.

So I’ll try to cut out at least this part before I forget it, that doesn’t require me to comment. A few couple of quotes I save from an interview with Jessica Mulligan:

Truly, my favorite part of the job is encouraging members of the team to exercise their passion for games by taking ownership of various pieces, then watching them and the game flourish as they build. I’m very consensus-oriented; we all know what the mission is and I mainly make sure we all agree on the mission, that we articulate it clearly to the players for their feedback and suggestions and then make sure the train doesn’t derail while we build.

Get educated. It isn’t enough to just get a job in customer service at game company and then work your way up the ladder while experimenting with different types of games. Those days are gone.

If you want to make compelling games, get a broad education in everything from computer science to the humanities. THEN go work at every job you possibly can in the industry – everything from development to customer service to marketing – and get a broad education in the business of games.

Third: Once you have that education and have some chops in the game industry, find funding and start your own company. That is the only way you’ll ever get to make the games you want to make, especially if you want to make something other than a horrid sequel (and how long will it be before we see “Killer Babes In Bikinis IV: Death Wears A Thong”?).

I guess this second part works as an update to this early post. Which also goes back to this.

I’m not really meaning anything, I don’t see a pattern yet about this. Just placing some points and drawing some links to see if they lead somewhere.

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