Drupal not upgrading

Okay. I cannot get more tired than this. In the last three days I just worked on this problem.

All my backups are corrupted. I cannot get a dump of this version running currently because the dump corrupts the database. I cannot upgrade.

It’s fucked. I cannot do nothing, I passed an insane amount of hours on all this and the result is just my site completely broken and unrecoverable.

Thank you.

If you want to have an idea about what’s wrong look here. It’s a freshly installed version of drupal with the database set to utf8. As you can see it’s all completely broken, I even added a dump of the db.

I have no clue if it’s Drupal to be fucked up, or Dreamhost or mysql. I just know that I’m wasting my time in an unprecedented way.

Please shoot me in the head.

Before going to sleep:
mysqldump -uuser -ppass -h hostname dbname –default-character-set=latin1 | perl -pe ‘s/\),\(/),\n(/og’ | gzip > dumpforthewin.gz

mysql -uuser -ppass -h hostname dbname < dumpforthewin.sql The perl part is to have break lines in the database to have it readable, since I need to mess with it manually. Goodnight.

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