Exteel – NCSoft presents giant gangsta robot (mmorpg?)

As seen in a thread on F13, NCSoft presented at the E3 a trailer that I haven’t seen commented anywhere before. The title of this original (for the mmorpg genre) game is “Exteel” and looks really like a “City of Heroes” made with giant robots.

The video trailer can be seen here (and once you are on that page you can use this link for a direct download). It weights around 60Mb and is worth a look.

The production value seems already good and it’s another attempt from NCSoft to become a network of games coming from different genres and game companies. What is left to see if all these games in production will be able to find their own public on both the short and long term instead of sharing and cannibalizing always the same playerbase. Thinning progressively the number of subscribers for each game.

Again the trend confirms to be about smaller games with a very specific appeal instead of blackbusters meant to monopolize the marketplace for years. Clearly, the stability of the subscribers is becoming a thing of the past.

Gamers create, customize and develop their own robots using a robust character creation tool, with easy-to-access gameplay and a unique merging of strategic combat and high-speed action reminiscent of the stunning action seen in Hong Kong martial arts movies.

It really resembles to one of the Armored Core games for PSX 1 and 2. And as for that serie I already noticed a flaw: it fails to give the sensation of the scale of the robots compared to the environment.

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