WoW’s Battlegrounds – A precisation

This is a comment I wrote on QT3 as a follow-up to this other comment.

> “IF this last change is a result of a bug, the thread has no reason to exist.”

Just requoting myself.

I criticize a lot about both the Honor System and the implementation of the Battlegrounds. Some problems are absolutely objective and widely acknowledged everywhere like the durability hit on the equipment, the flags disappearing etc… Other problems and considerations, instead, are mine specifically and are less easy to discover because more deep-rooted into the system and harder to explain.

When I post about something it’s mostly to underline those parts that I know won’t be noticed or discussed, in fact, most of the players will just ignore what I say. Because I’m a voice outside the chorus and I do not try to amplify the general point of view.

The point is, again, that I don’t know anymore what’s a bug and what’s a deliberate design choice since I consider the system broken on a number of aspects. So I could expect that the flags will be fixed before the BGs will be released but I’m sure that most of my other critics will remain unquestioned.

That’s all. Once they confirm that something is a bug, I’m happy and I’m done. But it’s when the design choices are broken and intentional that I have the interest to start a discussion.

I won’t say a thing if I’m confident that the issues will be worked out. The fact is that I hate the current Honor System already as it exists on the live servers. So I have my reasons to underline those issues that aren’t so obvious and that are being ignored.

On the official forums Kalgan confirmed that the last change I criticized is unintended and the result of a bug.

If a particular aspect of a game draws a lot of attention (like it happened in this case) I lose every interest to rant about it and I’ll probably ignore the issue altogether. When a problem is absolutely obvious there’s no need to underline it even more, that’s why I say I’m a voice out of the chorus. Most of my critiques aren’t so widely acknowledged and that’s why I try to draw attention on them: because noone is questioning those parts. Noone is discussing them.

The demagogy isn’t useful and I don’t want it around here. This last problem has been acknowledged by the devs so I’m happy and done with it as well. There’s no reason to rant more about it.

But now let’s consider all the other issues. Because the whole PvP system is STILL broken and most of the issues aren’t being properly discussed. It’s there that I want the attention.

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