Here’s your fluffy cloud of vapor

Blizzard released the first informations about the upcoming patch.

Call me unimpressed. There’s already a lame pic around but the point is that this patch really doesn’t sound worth the wait.

To summarize:
– Battlegrounds and Honor System dealyed, see ya
– New dungeon (Dire Maul 56-60)
– sidebars and quest tracker (ripped from the user mods)
– Chat bubbles on screen
– *Amazing* fixes to classes:

# Mage – New Spell: Mage Armor allows mana regeneration to function while casting and increases resistance to all magic schools
# Druid – Cat form damage per second increased
# Warrior – Rage will now generate when attacks are parried, dodged and blocked
# Priest – Power Word: Shield can now be cast on all raid members

– Meeting stones

Who wants to bet that the meeting stones will be forgotten by the players in less than a week.

More than two months for a patch filled with fluff.

Moral: when you see the devs and community reps go all silent it’s not because they are working too much. It’s because they have nothing to show.

This announce is really a cover-story to hide the fact that both the honor system and the battlegrounds are, again, delayed.

I guess my prediction

When Blizzard will finally release a content patch it will be rather big. Peoples will stop complaining about the lack of updates in two seconds (till the next month). Instead the servers will decide to explode and everyone will start to scream about them releasing it too soon.

…was a bit too optimistic.


(The message also hints the plans for a test server for the battlegrounds and honor system. It isn’t clear how they’ll deal with it but it’s possible that they’ll target or mirror one of the live servers)

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