World of Camelot

DAoC and its last patch:

– You will now get progress update messages (displayed on the center of the screen) as you complete parts of your task in Instanced Kill Task dungeons (for example, as you kill 1 of the 6 necessary mobs that you need to kill, or when you complete your task entirely).

– Moving your mouse over the top of icons on your quickbar or your active spell effects will now show a tooltip containing information about the effect and a reuse/duration timer.

– Mouse Pan: Setting this to a mouse button allows you to pan around with a single click. Previously you had to hold down Mouselook and the Camera Pan Toggle key.

Blatantly copying good design elements isn’t something I consider bad, really. It’s good that Mythic is reacting to this.

The point is still the same, though: we really needed World of Warcraft to realize those obvious interface issues and design elements?

The trend is set.

From an interview, story or whatever:

Larian: Okay, so you do have plans. Is “Strategic Planning” something that you all sit down and do here at Mythic? ?

Matt Firor: As for detailed changes and plans, no. Things just change too rapidly in the MMORPG market, and you just can’t predict them. We do have a general direction we want to steer in though, but these are all modified by new technology, other company’s games, and community demands.

This “interview” is being debated on CorpNews as misleading (or something).

I don’t know… It seems quite correct to me. Or not?

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