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As posted on Corpnews, Anyuzer finally published his report on Vanguard, the only mmorpg incoming in the next two years which deserves some attention.

I didn’t have time lately to write concretely about stuff (Zapatero, Marx, item durability in WoW, “I suck at games” etc..). Here’s my brief comment about Anyuzer’s article, I’ll write more later, probably:

I read the whole article from Anyuzer but there’s still nothing to comment, just a bunch of “maybe”.

If his impression is right it can be something new, because he hinted a different approach from the treadmill of EQ-clones and the VW of UO or SWG. But I’m not going to believe that, Brad made a successful game with EQ but EQ was just a Diku with a different tech so I still need a demonstration that they are really working for a different approach instead of a different flavor of “the same”.

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