EverQuest Next: Recap

Using a forum post to clarify my position, and this will probably be enough for quite a while.

Calelari: HRose, do you ever plan to make your astounding game design genius available to world and actually do something? This constant pissing in everyone’s cheerio’s was tiresome years ago. Now it’s just sad.

On another forum someone wrote: “It always amazes me how people who have been looking forward to the next big thing and getting burned by it for like the last FIFTEEN YEARS keep getting suckered in by… the next big thing.”

Or: “So far they’ve been vague enough to make people think of grand possibilities, but the likelihood of those possibilities coming to fruition is slim at best. Like EQ’s planes, back when it was in beta they were giving interviews and mentioning the elemental planes and how awesome characters could get to them and find these amazing places. They basically made it sound like Planescape. What got delivered was not Planescape. The planes were just dungeons.”

I’ve been saying some hard facts clashing with pipe dreams and pies in the sky. The hard fact is that this announce showed no real game, it only tickled players’ fantasies and relied on imagination to complete the idea of a game that isn’t there.

I simply stated:

1- At this point the game can’t be judged (positively or negatively) because they only showed suggestions, instead of a real game.
2- This is practically Vanguard dev team being recycled.

While #2 isn’t a definite condemnation, it’s a good reason to keep expectations and hype low, and skepticism high. Those NAMES are names one should identify with OLD AND TRITE AND DERIVATIVE, because that’s what they’ve concretely done in the last decade (or more) regardless of fancy claims. Vanguard was through the roof with the hype, at the time. It also was all about “suggestions”, smoke and mirrors that never became a concrete game. I just have a longer memory than the average forum guy and not easily distracted by commercial ads.

The UGLIEST sign about EQ Next is that they only hinted at things like voxel and total destructible terrain while COMPLETELY AVOIDING all the concerns and side effects that such features bring up. As always in these cases, it’s more important to look at the side they don’t want you to see, than the side they show you enhanced with sparkly effects.

The piss in the cheerio’s already there. I just warn you before you eat them. Or at least spare you a couple of years of hype that will eventually come crashing down. Just as usual.

Everyone’s attention is probably better spent on something else (at least for a while).

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