New Malazan covers for American market

Lot’s of things I’m following off the blog. A number of Q&A sessions with Erikson and now Esslemont too on and also the usual weekly re-reads.

Today I received from the bookdepository a copy of “The Bonehuters”, American Tor mass market freshly reprinted with the new cover (UK version). This is at the moment the best mass market format, slightly smaller than UK MM and looking more solid & flexible. The interior (font, pagination) is exactly the same of the UK version (so a very good thing). At the moment only this and Midnight Tides are available in shops in this updated style (plus Dust of Dreams when it comes out next month), so I asked Irene Gallo (Tor art director) if they were going to release the books in a consistent style. Here is her reply:

We are trying to standardize the series as the older books run out of stock and we need to reprint. Unfortunately that doesn’t always happen in series order.

It will take a while I guess.

I’m a bit torn about what is going to be my reading copy since I love both this updated MM but also the “UK book club” hardcover edition that is much smaller than classic hardcover. But in the meantime I should deal with The Way of Kings and The Darkness that Comes Before :)

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