Lost: worth it?

I spent lots of words to interpret the finale, but I didn’t answer the most basic question: did I like it or not? Now that is over, was it worth all this time?

Yes. But I don’t intend to ever re-watch another episode. It’s since the finale of Season 5 that the plot has progressively fallen apart and crumbled. I’ve already said that I started to enjoy the show only from Season 2 when the mythology was being flashed out and hint at the possibility of it not being a fraud, but in the end it’s the mythology that got dumped in favor of empathy with characters, letting just the emotion to drive the show to conclusion. I have zero interest to rewatch it because I consider it a closed experience. I enjoyed it, but the show exhausted its meaning for me. Evangelion, for example, I always gladly rewatch because every time I discover something new, some nuance, or it gets me thinking. This happens because I believe it taps into something “true”. Lost also taps into something true, but in a kind of superficial way that doesn’t make it flourish. Lost exploits more than makes thrive. And in the end I don’t enjoy much its “carrot on a stick” model that ultimately lead to something entirely different than what it promised.

Maybe with the exclusion of the finale: I think the finale was probably the most honest and truthful part of the show. But it was also optimist to the point that for me felt too gratifying. And I always distrust gratification.

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