Erikson says he “will deliver”

From the latest interview at Pat blog. Trite questions, but interesting answers. I still wish someone will make an interview with him discussing more directly what’s in the books, like this one with Sanderson.

The only thing that rankled me in some of the reviews was the expression of doubt regarding my ability to pull off this finale, to which I respond: for fuck sake, there’s been nine books so far, and each one has delivered the punch I intended (even if some readers objected to some of those punches), so where does this doubt come from? I’ll deliver. I always have and there’s no sign of stumbling this time around. Yeesh.

– After the massive commercial success of the Lord of the Rings films, do you look at the growing mainstream success of authors like George R. R. Martin and Neil Gaiman, following in the impressive footsteps of Terry Pratchett, and take comfort that genre fiction is starting to become more accepted as a whole by society? Do you think the perceived social stigma attached to it can ever be overturned so that authors such as yourself are compared on a level playing-field to those who write in other more widely “respected” genres? And, I suppose, do you actually care?

No, no, and sometimes. With each writer you have named, the critics invariably practise exceptionalism: these writers are not fine representatives of their genre; by virtue of their fineness, they have left the genre. By this alchemy the stigma remains. Will my stuff someday cross that threshold? What if it does? I will simply have been made … exceptional.

And about progress on the last book:

Hope to be done by the beginning of the summer. It’s coming along just fine. My son has read what I’ve done to date, and looks at me and says: “It’s all going down, isn’t it?” And no, he doesn’t mean that in any negative sense. But he’s right. It’s all coming down. It’s all coming down.

Also good to know that cooperation with Esslemont is once again strong.

Now if only the novella could reach my house instead of being in vacation around the world…

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