Warhammer failed because PvE was too easy and too soloable

On Q23 today I noticed a necro thread about Warhammer (you know, that game we used to talk about a year ago). I went looking why it was resurrected and the reason is that all Mythic’s services went offline. Including all Warhammer and DAoC servers.

It’s quite a big fuckup (since I think it’s been already a few hours, if not the whole day), so I went checking the forum to see if there was the kind of rage I’d expect. Not so much. It’s quite calm. Maybe because there are only an handful of players left, and even those who are left aren’t particularly caring either.

While looking at this I noticed a link to a gamasutra article that boasted this title: GDC Austin: Mythic’s Hickman Shares Warhammer Online’s Biggest Mistakes

I’m curious, let’s see these biggest mistakes (the three major ones are reported). Let’s see if, one year later and one Jacobs less, they got some clue.

Here’s their three biggest mistakes they think they made on Warhammer:

1- The PvE game is too easy in the initial levels.
2- Since the game is too easy and too soloable, people don’t socialize.
3- Farming gold and grinding is not important. But it brings together the community.

The article is also filled with brilliance and awesome insight, like:

“The era of boxed products is ending.”
“Digital distribution is absolutely profitable”
“if your game is flawed and you have to make massive rebuilds, that’s risky.”

If you don’t believe me, here the actual quotes about those three major mistakes:

1- “Warhammer, in PVE, in the beginning, is too easy.”
2- “You can do so many things solo, that friendship, at least in the beginning levels, is not necessary, and it’s super dangerous for your games.”
3- “what it caused us to do was build a game where economy is not important enough. Economy brings people together.”

It’s also quite funny because when they asked him if these issues were the same reported by players during beta he said, obviously not:
“I’m not sure how many of our players would say it’s too easy; it’s not something they think about. There are a lot of things they point at and say are the problems, but [actually] it’s that.”

Players wouldn’t say that PvE being too easy is the game’s major flaw (maybe because players aren’t as clueless as himself), but it’s that. No really. It’s that.

Now after my crusade against Mark Jacobs you’d expect that I find the current Mythic at least slightly improved (since he left, if you remember). I’m not. Mythic with Jacobs had at least some drive. Mythic without Jacobs seems just as clueless, and even lost all drive.

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