Esslemont’s plans

Not a particularly interesting interview but at least we have more insight about the four books that Esslemont has planned as part of the Malazan series. I wish he said more about how the writing is going and what’s the schedule more than just the confirmation that the project goes on.

Here what we know:

1- Stonewielder. It should be out in about a year. “tackles the Korel, or Fistian, subcontinent. It centers on Malazan entanglements there, the Stormriders, and a local religious cult.” And that’s more or less what we already knew.
2- The Darujhistan novel. Still confirmed. I had doubts because I think Erikson wrapped most plot threads in Toll the Hounds. There’s more to say, apparently.
3- Jacuruku.
4- Assail.

Maybe these last two novels will deal with the aftermath of the main series. It remains to be seen WHEN these books will be published since the main series closes next year. 6-8 years at least before we see these books, since Esslemont isn’t the writing machine that Erikson is.

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