Canada to the rescue (or The Stack of Doom)

So it was true, the Canadian market saves us from the continuous swapping of format of Erikson’s books and I now have book 1 to 8 all in the same mass market format.

I received today my order from with both Toll the Hounds and Return of the Crimson Guard, with the hope that two books left will stick with the format at least in Canada.

Absolutely nothing changes between the canadian, smaller version and the new bigger UK mass market. They have a different ISBN code and price in canadian dollars.

My precioussss…

(the first picture is Toll the Hounds in UK hardcover, UK mass mrket (paperback) and the new, shiny, beautifully fat canadian mass market)

I know quality is horrid, but it was done with an ancient webcam and it really can’t get better than that. I’ll see if I can steal a camera from a friend these days… I like book porn.

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