Eve-Online surpasses Warhammer

I guess it’s worth pointing out.

Yesterday was EA financial conference and this time there is no mention of Warhammer subscription numbers in the official report. Probably because subs numbers don’t look all that awesome (if you trust x-fire, the game is steadily but slowly losing activity, that considering various factors would lead me to guess the sub number at 280k in the most optimistic case).

From other sources it was repeated the 300k number for the end of March. I don’t consider this reliable but it’s an hint that either they are where they were in December, or under but still around that number. If the numbers were higher you can bet Mythic and Mark Jacobs would be all over the forums boasting better results, instead there’s absolute silence.

So I’ll be optimistic despite all hints of numbers being lower, and say Warhammer is at 300k.

What is instead proven is that Eve-Online has 300k confirmed now.

In January Eve had 250k. Warhammer 300k. Four months later Eve gained another 50k, Warhammer is either there stalling, or losing behind the scenes.

The surpass happened.

Because, you know, after a few years every game is stale and ready to be replaced. Or so they say. I wonder where Eve will be in another year. And I wonder where Warhammer will be.

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