Piracy, a different perspective

In December “DCS: Black Shark” simulator was released in English. I planned to buy it, then realized it had Starforce.

The reason why I won’t buy ANYTHING with Starforce is not because I’m worried it will give problems with my system. The reason is that I won’t fund in any way those who work at Starforce. I don’t want that my money is WASTED on retarded and counterproductive copy protection. I don’t want to give even one penny to Starforce. I won’t give money to companies whose whole purpose is to fight customers and deliver a worse product.

My opinion is that the way lobbies decided to fight piracy was (and still is) more damaging for the industry than piracy itself.

Money wasted. Tons of money wasted that could be invested to deliver better products and embrace innovation, instead of defending obsolete privileges while suing customers all over the planet.

The very least I can do is STOP supporting this industry and this way of suicidal thinking. Stop them using my money to pay incompetent lawyers and armies of programmers who invent new ways to cripple products.

In the last year my own purchase of games, music, DVDs etc… decreased 90%. In the meantime I bought a lot of BOOKS. I buy more games through Steam, I bought Sins of the Solar Empire even if I haven’t played it more than two hours just because I wanted to support a so good game. I’ll buy the expansion for it that is out these days. I pay for those online games that deserve my money. I’ve donated money to the Dwarf Fortress guy. The rest can go to hell.

Better you start to think how to deliver better SERVICES, than fight this useless fight against piracy and all customers.

He was also asked how much of this $18bn turnover is used to fight piracy, Kennedy said there are three main areas of expenditure. Funding the RIAA in US, IFPI globally and more local groups such as IFPI (Sweden). They all have budgets and a large proportion of this is used to fight piracy.

The global amount used by IFPI on lobbying and fighting piracy is £75 million.

It’s increasingly obvious that this is becoming a matter of politics. Those at the top are now completely disconnected from those at the bottom (the customers).

There’s only one way to answer all this. STOP buying. Stop giving them money and see it wasted to pay lawyers and copy protection methods and other restrictions. Stop funding people who make profit for going against you.

Stop feeding the dinosaurs.

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