Game designer visionaries, or hallucinated leeches

Dave Perry on Gamasutra:

Showing names like Shigeru Miyamoto and Hideo Kojima on the screen, Perry said Japan has produced some of the best video game designers of all time — “but would you be willing to bet China will never produce one of those names?” he asked.

Yes, I’m willing. They won’t.

If that level of talent emerges in China or Korea, and decides to make games using the free-play-model, traditional game developers with traditional business models may be unable to compete for an audience, Perry warned,

China and Korea are known to prefer quantity over quality. If that level of talent was supposed to surface, then it would have already. It’s not like China and Korea aren’t making games. In fact they are producing A HUGE PILE OF SHIT.

If China and Korea haven’t produced anything worthwhile it’s because that business model promotes disposable games that have the lifespan of one week. Only shit comes out of that kind of fragmentation and lack of focus. Games with no depth.

“Our” industry is done and buried the day they betray our traditions and talents to mass produce the same shit and chase mediocrity. The path to failure is about forgetting who you are and what you do best in the name of “market innovation”.

And become just a pale imitator of mediocrity.

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