SOE buys Zonk

No polemics, really.

i just think it’s silly that you write a whole post saying nothing and make me read the comments (Grimwell) to have a good guess at what happened.

Anyhow, good luck. I’m always glad when someone makes it. I almost never agree with Zonk, but… HOORAY. Passion is always worth a try (o two, or three).

Totally unasked opinion: on the matter of DC Universe Online I expect the market situation to be not exactly favorable. Right now there’s already a fairly successful MMO about super heroes and two more big titles in production. Is there really a need for more?

Between the two I hope SOE is more successful. With Champions Online Cryptic declared they don’t believe in virtual worlds and ongoing development, and that they aren’t committed to keep their games up to date and competitive. Champions Online is made to replace City of Heroes and it will be in turn be abandoned and replaced as soon something new and shiny catches the eye of those developers (Bill Roper first, one who thinks his public persona is more important than any game).

On the matter of DC Universe Online I know very little, but, it has bad art (personal opinion) and the animations from videos released are terrible, terrible, terrible (fact). SOE games having bad animations is becoming an overall rule, what’s up with the animators over there? How it is possible that across all games you can’t even make one that matches a standard of quality?

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