A glance at the future

Let’s assume for a moment that the discussion at F13 was useful and that Mark Jacobs is really determined to make Open RvR a substantial part of the game to the point that a majority of players move from Scenarios to the open world as their overall preference.

The second this happens players will start to heavily complain on two fronts:
1- The clients lags too much and zerg battles are unfun.
2- Factions unbalance makes battles pointless and frustrating in certain cases.

This is a kind of overall trend: as you fix a problem, there’s another that takes its place next on the chain. You made some progress, but still far from having solved the whole situation.

The consequences of those problems are kind of obvious:
1- Work on the client should never stop because it’s still far from having an optimal performance.
2- Faction unbalances need to be eased through a number of solutions, but in any case there should be incentives so that the underdog faction is still encouraged to participate even in the most critical situation.

For example counting the number of players in a RvR Lake for each faction and scaling appropriately the rewards.

Asymmetric objectives and rewards that adapt to the real possibilities of one realm against the other.

Just noticed. Doing it this way is NOT GOOD.

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