Mythic really messed up: shortcut to victory

Something like a reblogging since Eurogamer put it in the most hilarious way.

The entire process, beginning with the capture of the contested zones, began in the early evening and was over by the small hours of the morning. This despite the fact that Mythic boss Mark Jacobs told Eurogamer in a recent interview that completing a city siege in one night would be impossible:

“We’ve laid everything out in a manner that your side has to accomplish a lot, so it’s going to take time. We’ve seen the other games out there where people can do things late at night while nobody else is on, but it doesn’t work that way in WAR. It’s impossible,” he said.

“It should be weeks unless we really messed up.”

So thrice wrong.
– It happened in less than two weeks from launch when they said it would take much longer
– It took just a few hours when they said it would take days
– It happened deep in the night when it wasn’t supposed to be the case

Tobold says it’s a matter of exploits and I’m not surprised since I got the impression that the endgame wasn’t tested thoroughly.

But for me that’s not the problem.

These points could be eventually fixed if one really wants to fix them. These are just transitions to a mature game. The REAL problem is that I do not think they are encouraging defense.

So let me state this bluntly: the game, in particular endgame big objectives, risks to become “hide and seek” events where Destruction and Order take turns at the bag of loot. Without any incentive for defense the game risks to be more rewarding for avoiding each other than to fight.

Shortcut to victory.

Or like in DAoC, where the “endgame rewards” were so trivial that the whole keep and relic warfare was forgotten and the game became just 8vs8 specialized ganking groups.

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