A wave

I read yesterday from Raph’s blog that Jeff Freeman died. It was a bad feel because I started reading and it wasn’t suddenly clear what happened, just a bad suspect. So I scrolled quickly the post and found out that the suspect was right.

I really felt awful. Then even slightly relieved when I read on Lum’s site that it wasn’t because of the job and that he was going to start at Zenimax next week. Then I felt hypocrite. If it was about the job I could more closely connect with that kind of frustration, but I was also thinking that I was considering it in a kind of selfish way. Which is what I’m doing again.

It was really unexpected. After so much time you read someone on the internet you get this stupid illusion of knowing him a bit, and I never perceived anything wrong. So it’s all about the smoke and mirrors, and the reality afterward.

I don’t have much to say. It’s just awful.

Both Krones and Brandon Reinhart wrote something more appropriate.

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